Friday, May 7, 2021

Grandma Judy Visit April 8-12

Thomas LOVES this maze ball. Isaac bought it a few years back and boy has it gotten good use. 

Thursday night Isaac started flag football practice. Thankfully it's right next to a playground (and close to home) so the kids have fun playing while he has practice. 

Friday all the kids were in school and Kyle took the day off so we went to the Botanica my mom was REALLY wanting to see the Tulips. Like REALLY!, she talked about it nonstop for weeks. 

had to take a photo of this brick, sorry it's upside down.

Friday night we went to a children's play at a theater we hadn't been to. The lady said we could start seating at 6:30 for the 7:00 show... so we got there at 6:30 BIG MISTAKE we really didn't need to get there until 6:59, lol. Ooops the kids did fairly well on the LOOONG wait. 

Wichita children's theater... isn't it fancy, lol. 

Saturday was filled with soccer games, I had a work meeting and Isaac had afternoon baseball practice. 

Grandma brought crafts for the girls (and Thomas joined as well)

Sunday after I taught my yoga class we went to Old Cow Town Museum. 

Gotta admire the roosters. They were SOOO big. 

It was hot and lots of walking. 

Monday was a Costco run and Thomas's soccer. 

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