Monday, September 21, 2020

Colorado Road Trip {Day 4} Manitou Springs Cliff Dwellings, Back to Kansas

Thursday our last day. We woke up in our Colorado Springs AirBnB. Kyle went for a run for his workout, I did some yoga in the sun room. We played some games and looked through the where's Waldo books one last time, then loaded up the van for the drive back to Kansas. 

We loved Monopoly deal so much we ended up getting this card game once we got back home. Isaac got it with a gift certificate he was rewarded from finishing his summer workbook. 

We visited the Manitou Cliff Dwellings Museum before leaving town. 

This was a cool model showing how they built their homes. 

We had fun exploring the museum and the cliff dwellings. We drove up north a ways to try and see the Air Force bases' church. But they do not allow visitors on the base and he said the church was currently getting remodeled and would be closed for the next five or so years. 

We stopped for lunch, had a minor fender. bender leaving the parking lot. Of course... so had to share insurance info. Nothing wrong with our van, but his bumper had a little dent. Then we headed back east leaving a different way then we came in. Got to see another storm roll in as we left town. 

Oh yes this was interesting. There was a section they were doing construction on, LITERALLY in the MIDDLE OF absolutely nothing. HAHA They had one lane of traffic for a stretch and uneven roads so they had us follow this truck to get through. it. 

So this night we stayed in Garden City, Kansas. PHEW-EW it was SO stinky! We picked up pizza to take to the hotel and the kids were all so nuts we did not get swimming in that night instead struggled to get everyone settled and rested. 

The next morning we planned to wake up and go swimming but we got changed and went down to discover the pool would be closed, probably all day. There was glass breakage the night before and some broken glass got into the pool :-( huge bummer but at this point we were just ready to get home. So we packed up and drove the remaining few hours to get home. 

Made it to Dodge City. 

Passed some windmills, had a few sprinkles fall on us. 

Had to turn around to capture this sign cuz it was pretty cool. Exactly halfway between New York and San Francisco. We stopped for lunch in Hutchinson Kansas, drove by the state fair grounds then made it home shortly after lunchtime. Harpo was happy to see us as were the chickens. The house sitter had already left and we did a contactless delivery of funds to pay her :-P just to prevent any spread in the event we did pick up the corona on our travels. Didn't want her dealing with that before heading off to college. Felt good to sleep in our own bed that night! And boy were we ready to be out of the car with everyone. I vowed to not get in the van with everyone for a full week, lol. 


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