Thursday, September 10, 2020

Colorado Road Trip {Day 2} Royal Gorge, AirBnB Arrival

Tuesday morning, August 18th, we woke in the hotel, I went down early to get my workout in (didn't sleep to well anyway). Isaac was also up so he came and watched TV with me. Then we had the free breakfast. Instead of a serve yourself they had it blocked off and a worker there to get what we wanted - covid precautions. 

Oh! Funny story... when I woke up I saw a notification from our ring doorbell at home. It was an image of a police officer ringing the bell at 9:30pm. My sitter was there but didn't hear it. Which she wouldn't cuz it doesn't ring in the house, just our phones and Alexa in the kitchen. Anyway I checked with her she had no clue and thought it was odd too. I still have no clue what he wanted or what he was there. We've never had that happen before. But from what I read on NextDoor and neighborhood chatter, there was some police chase that went down Central (the road we are next to) and it ended in a crash a couple blocks down. They had shut down Central Ave for a few hours I guess so maybe he was just checking in to make sure we were aware or knew anything or... who knows! Still a mystery, but not a great way to start our first time away from our new home. 

Then after breakfast the kids swam with me while Kyle got his workout in so we could try and leave pretty early but utilize the pool for an activity for the kids. The kids are all pretty good swimmers after taking lessons all summer. The girls couldn't touch but they had no problem swimming the whole pool. 

Then it was time to get ON THE ROAD AGAIN. Looking forward to today, cuz we would arrive at mountains and leave the flat, boring lands of Kansas behind us. 

At one pit stop I let the kids pick out candy. It was fun for them to all pick something then we talked about what their favorite was. 

Looking out for the mountains "Do you see them yet!?!"


There they are!!!

First stop was the Royal Gorge! Kyle and I made a trip here back in 2006. 

We stood in a social distant line for the gondola. It didn't take too long, luckily it was in the shade.



We made it across then walked back to the bridge to cross back over, hitting the sights along the way. The kids had a Jr. Ranger sheet they had to fill out - like a scavenger hunt with different signs and letters at various locations, then the letters would spell out a word. 

You can see the rain coming in. 

Making our way to the bridge

Walked across the bridge. I was a little uneasy, not as easy to walk across it as it was 14 years ago. Me and Isaac were ready to get across. Isaac wanted his picture next to the Minnesota sign. It started to sprinkle on us about that point and the wind was picking up which didn't make being over a wood bridge any easier. 


We safely made it back and it began to rain more on our way up to Colorado Springs. It was about an hour and a half drive. All the kids (except Isaac) took a snooze on the way. 

We arrived at our AirBnB and it felt good to relax out of the van. Kyle went to pick up some dinner from an amazing place that had AWESOME Brussels sprouts and lettuce wraps. Kyle's burger was amazing he says too. 


View from the front porch of our AirBnB:

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