Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Colorado Road Trip {Day 1} Dodge City, Hotel in Lamar, CO

August 17th we headed out for our only summer family vacation. A road trip to Colorado. We planned to stay the night on the way there, stay in Colorado Springs for two nights, then head back staying halfway through again to break up the driving. Our babysitter is heading off to college out of state but was around and able to house sit for us! She stayed at our house to watch Harpo and the chickens. Harpo's been facing some health issues, which actually got worse while we were gone, but I'll save that for another post. 

We set off with Bob (see this post) dropped him off then road the flat road all the way to Colorado. 

Pretty boring drive, okay a LOT boring. But Kyle and I had our headphones in and listened to books and the kids had their iPads so all was happy. 

We came across this crazy construction set up. This light was regulating a one lane road. Pretty freaking seeing huge trucks driving straight toward us while we waited for the red light. But it eventually turned green and it was our turn. 

We stopped in Dodge City, Kansas for lunch. Going to a playground which happen to be next to their city zoo... which was FREE! It was a sweet little unexpected find that we explored once we were done eating and the kids had played a bit on the playground. 

It was a cute little zoo, in need of some work. I could see the potential. How fun would it be to fix it up and make it something great. Another life maybe, haha. They had lemers, donkeys, sheep, goats, birds and ducks. They had a turkey vulture and RACOONS. LOL. I don't think I've ever seen raccoons in a zoo. 

Long horns


A wolf:

A black bear and tiger (but we didn't see the tiger or bobcat)

An aviary with peacocks. 

Like I said it was such a fun little unexpected adventure. We weren't there long, it wasn't that big, then it was back on the road. Hit the Colorado line!


We made it to a hotel in Lamar, Colorado where we checked in for the night, hit the pool, and ordered take out to eat in the hotel. 

I liked how their mask signs addressed the chin strap issue we so commonly see. Come ON people... your nose needs to be covered just as much as your mouth! Masks are not chin straps!

Finally getting to wear my swim suit I purchased in March for our March vacation that never happened. 

Hotel sleeping with a family of six, oh the joys! HaHa. We always have to get a suit to fit the 6 people, so someone is stuck on the pull out. Isaac got the hotel pull out both stays cuz the girls had the pull out at the AirBnB in Colorado. Thomas started off sleeping on the pull out but then ends up with Kyle and I. What can I say, baby number four... I'm not gonna kick him out. I'll take all the snuggles I can get cuz I know they don't last forever. 


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