Friday, October 4, 2019

Twins Day at Target Field 2019

Sunday September 8th was our annual Twins Day at the Twin's game. We have been going for SIX years. This year was extra special knowing it would be our last for a while.

Kyle and Isaac hit up the driving range that morning before it was time to leave the game. It was nice and dry for them before it started to rain. Isaac likes golfing with Kyle, they don't get to do it very often. 

We headed to the game early for the twin pre-game parade. It was raining and we weren't sure it was going to take place. We parked in a nearby lot and came in at an entrance we'd never seen before. There was this cool bat MLB art on the wall. (Thomas wants out...)

We made it around to the parade start and discovered it'd been cancelled. So we had some time to kill before the game and wanted to eat. We stood in the restaurant forever before taking a spot that opened up. 

But luckily we got a spot and ordered some food waiting for the rain to pass. 

Bloody Mary while we wait, why yes, please. 

The rain ended up stopping just in time for the start of the game. No delay in the start time. We found our seats, which I requested to be further back so we were in shade, turns out that's a good thing for rain too because our seats were dry. 

Love this city :-) <3 p="">

Thomas did so good at the game granted it was right during nap time. He loved it. It was his third game! 

Rally cap time toward the end, we were hoping for a comback. 

They did end up doing the parade at the end of the game so we rushed down to join the twins. 

They also got to run the bases which is usually done after games but we don't usually stick around since we do the pre-game parade. The kids thought that was pretty cool getting to run around them. (Thomas stayed with us)

Another great year, we will really miss this tradition next year. It seems like a lot of the annual things we do are getting rained on. Maybe that's God being sad along side us for leaving. The state fair was rainy, this was rainy, as you'll see in a future blog the Washburn Games we did this past weekend was rainy, my Run Like a Girl event was rainy... interesting.  

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