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One Last Tri September 15

September 15, 2019
This triathlon was called One Last Tri because it's the last outdoor tri of the Minnesota triathlon season... the swim was shortened because of the cold which was appealing to me :-) For me it was really special because it is MY last tri in Minnesota and the whole reason I signed up for it. See we knew we were moving to Kansas back when I did my very first triathlon... but we hadn't shared the news with anyone and there were a lot of things to be sorted out.

This triathlon was fun, it was much more laid back and casual and I knew that going into it. Our swim course was changed mere seconds before we jumped into the water. The bouy's were drifting and she changed up the course to give us the least amount as possible. It ended up still being .37 mile swim.

It was a BEAUTIFUL morning!

I got to view the sun rise on the drive over to White Bear Lake (over half hour drive)

First up was body marking:

Then time in transition getting everything set up. 

I walked the course a bit to figure out where I'd need to go. I drove the bike course on Thursday when I picked up my packet. I was debating wearing my wet suit or not and I REALLY wish I would have. It was pretty warm on the land before hand and I had to move my car last minute so I didn't have it with me anyway. 

We got all ready to go on the beach. 

 The water was SOOOOO cold! It took a lot of prayer and faith that God was going to get me through it. My body was in shock when I got in the water and I was so close to turning around and not doing it. But I floated on my back a bit and just kept swimming. Eventually made it to the end.

I had debating wearing my jacket or not and did because i was freezing. Glad I grabbed it for the bike ride. It was a little wet because my neighbor's wet suit was hanging up on the transition rack right over my bag :-( but no biggie... still gave me warmth. 

Off I go for my longest bike ride ever, 13 miles: 

Made it back, my lady parts were dying, lol. Pain from sitting on the saddle for 50 minutes. 

Parked my bike and off for the 5K run. Such serious face, lol. This photo was from the event photographer. Unlike the other triathlons I wore my headphones for the run on this one. I'm glad I did, it was so helpful. I listened to a 5K guided run. It was pretty funny when it started because the coach said "You're doing good, important part is you stopped whatever it was you were doing and are now running" I thought "ha! Yes I stopped swimming and biking so now I'm running" LOL.

When I came up to the finish Isaac jumped out and ran with me. I was surprised and loved that he ran the last bit with me! This is my favorite picture EVER! You can see Thomas in Kyle's arms.

And I finished!! 
My swim was 13:01
T1: 3:39
Bike: 49:13
T2: 1:44
Run: 29:18
Total Time: 1:36:53

Mary was there but she was too crabby to get in any of the photos. We went out for mexican afterwards then home to relax. I got showered off (always feels good to wash lake water off)

I ended up returning my bike the next day. After much thought and some disappointment I just wasn't happy with it and Kyle reminded me I could return it. I got it at REI and they have an amazing return policy. So back it went and I got a refund and the bike shopping began. At the time of writing this (almost two months later) I DID buy a new bike two days ago. I don't have possession of it yet, I needed to order shoes and once those come in I'll get it all fitted to my body and will be off like a shot! Super excited to get back to riding again. We also got an indoor trainer so Kyle and I can ride our bikes inside over the winter. His is currently set up but it'll be easy to switch out and do our morning workout in the basement. A little boring but will be good none the less. 

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