Thursday, October 31, 2019

Kyle's Duathlon & Run Like a Girl

September 28th Kyle had his first bike run event. It was a Duathlon. Since the weather for swimming had passed this was the next best thing. He said it's his trial go before he dives into swim training for a tri. The duathlon consisted of a 3.5 mile run, then a 13 mile bike, and finishes with a 2.5 mile run. It was out in Lake Elmo which is quite a hike from our place (much like the White Bear Lake one was for me) Kyle left early and headed that way then I followed with the kids. We arrived just before start time. Here is Kyle getting ready for the run. It was somewhat chilly, not super cold and the sun helped it to be warm, but I had wished I grabbed my jacket like I intended but forgot. 

We waited at transition for him to get in from the first leg - the run.

Off he goes on the bike. I knew this would be a while so we went exploring while he was out riding.

There was a man made pond that was drained, the kids had fun running around and climbing up on the lifeguard stands. The running kept them warm. 

It was about time for Kyle to come back in so we headed back over to transition to watch for him to come in off the bike. 


Then he hopped off the bike and went out for the last run leg. 

Great finish and he really enjoyed it. His times:
First run: 24:16
T1: 0:35
Bike: 45:43
T2: 0:34
Run: 21:56

Total time of 1:33:02

Kyle had wonderful weather, where as for mine the next day was rainy yucky. We ran this last year and I was excited to partake again. It's a great cause and I had a wonderful visit with my friend Sarah. On par with God's rain on our last annual events, we ran our 5K visiting in the rain. This wasn't a timed event although they did have a timer going. We were not paying attention to that at all as it was pretty slow. Sarah is a fast runner and my goal was to keep up with her but she is going through a move and hadn't been running as usual so it worked out perfectly to visit and catch up. According to my watch we ran the 3.32 miles in just under 34 minutes. 

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