Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Apple Weekend Number 8 ~ 2019

We are so blessed to have this as an annual thing and are so sad this was probably our last year going. This was our 8th year! Isaac has been celebrating in this tradition his whole life <3 p="">
Apple Wkend 9142019-12

We arrived late Friday evening, got the kids tucked in a little although they didn't stay there, lol. Had a short adult visit around the campfire before going to bed ourselves. The next morning we woke up and the kids jumped right into playing. They loved driving these cars around.
Apple Wkend 9142019-1

Apple Wkend 9142019-3

We got started on the apple picking as other families began to arrive. There were so many apples on a couple of the trees. Some of the big trees that were there 8 years ago are no longer there and some of the tiny ones are growing strong.

Apple Wkend 9142019-6

Apple Wkend 9142019-10

Apple Wkend 9142019-14

Apple Wkend 9142019-18

Apple Wkend 9142019-24

Apple Wkend 9142019-25

Apple Wkend 9142019-26

Apple Wkend 9142019-28

Apple Wkend 9142019-32

Apple Wkend 9142019-36

Apple Wkend 9142019-41 Apple Wkend 9142019-43

Apple Wkend 9142019-45

Apple Wkend 9142019-50

Apple Wkend 9142019-55

Apple Wkend 9142019-62

Apple Wkend 9142019-63

Apple Wkend 9142019-66

Once we had all the trees picked at it had started to rain a little bit. Not much and nothing big, but suiting for God's signs of the tears as we do our last of many annual events. 

With clear skies ahead we started the cider pressing process. This year Bri's Dad had a new grinder, basically a big blender for the apples. So we were able to get a lot more juice from not as many apples. They were also all in really good shape so we didn't have to do as much cutting out of bad parts like we have had to do in the past. 

Apple Wkend 9142019-69

Apple Wkend 9142019-79

Apple Wkend 9142019-80

Apple Wkend 9142019-82

Apple Wkend 9142019-85

Apple Wkend 9142019-89

Apple Wkend 9142019-90

Apple Wkend 9142019-99

Apple Wkend 9142019-100

Apple Wkend 9142019-105

Apple Wkend 9142019-108

The kids even got to swim before we left. We were going to leave before dinner because we wanted to get home early (I was doing a triathlon the following day), they bumped up dinner early so we stayed for that then headed home. Not as much text this year because I'm already a month behind in getting this posted.

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