Sunday, May 12, 2019

Flag Football

Lot's of snuggles with Thomas that week he was feeling yucky. He's all healthy now! 

Isaac started a new adventure: FLAG FOOTBALL! He loves football and was pretty excited to get involved with this. They have practice and games on Sundays, Kyle is helping to coach. This first week I had to work so we had a sitter come to stay with the other three at home while Kyle and Isaac made it to their first practice.

Thomas later that day playing in the bushes.

The second Sunday we had a church community meal. It was my Sunday to volunteer so we all went to church and Kyle and Isaac left early to make it to his flag football. I stayed back with the other three to enjoy the bounce houses and community lunch. 

 Thomas's first time in a bounce house, he loved it!

We made it to watch the last five-ten minutes of Isaac playing. The boys all loved it and fun seeing such energy coming from them.

They are there today (Mother's Day) while I'm at work again. Unfortunately I work quite a few Sundays so won't get to see many. We didn't have a sitter today so Kyle will have all the kids in tow, but next week when I work we do have a sitter coming. Hope all goes well today. 

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