Sunday, May 12, 2019

Bike Adventures Begin

First Friday in May we went for our first bike ride. I was crazy thinking I could bike after a crazy leg day morning workout, but we were committed so we did it! It was a gorgeous day. We were just going to bike to Park Siding (about a mile from our house, or maybe even a half mile ---> just looked it up, it's .6 miles) anyway we rode past and I decided I wanted to go to Rustica for some coffee. So we went through first, kids split a chocolate Eclair.  

Loaded back on the bike to return the .3 miles to the park. Love being so close to things and it takes no time to bike. We got this bike at the end of the season last year because we were just done with the trailer. Kyle would often pull the trailer and hated it. We love this because now I can haul all three of them on my own like I did today. I get asked a lot what this bike is. It's called an Xtracycle and ours is an Edgerunner.  The general name is a cargo bike (there are a few brands out there), the back end has a smaller wheel and is longer. You can get baskets or the handrail attachment like we have. It's a nice bike and rides really well. When we're not hauling kids we'll be able to use it for groceries or Kyle has driven with me on the back so it's a great little transportation device, not just for hauling kids! The bike that Thomas is in is removable and something we added ourselves after we bought it last year. He'll ride in that seat this year and maybe next depending on his size. 

Made it to the park for some play time and to eat our packed lunch.

Spring is FINALLY blooming! I'm not sure what this tree is but I love it!

It started getting chilly at the park when the sun went behind a bunch of clouds. So we decided to head out. I wanted to take a stroll around the lake. They are closing part of the bike path tomorrow :-( for construction and it will be closed for THREE YEARS! I am so sad, but change is good right... only problem is they are closing it and dozing down thousands of trees and the federal funding has not even been approved yet. I sure hope it does and this project goes through otherwise the demolition will be for nothing. They are planning to put in a light rail from downtown to the suburbs and it will go through this area we so love and utilize. Our neighborhood has been sending emails, signing petitions so we'll see if this goes through tomorrow. We aren't asking them to NOT doing, just asking them to WAIT until there is actual funding for the project because this kind of demolition is not reversible.

Anyway, political rant aside. We did the 3 mile bike ride around the lake and it was glorious. My legs did NOT like me after this.

Girls will be back in swimming soon, last week we did their placement class because this is a new facility we have not been at before. Mary is SOOOO happy to be back in the water.

Thomas feeling SOOO much better after his battle of illness. So great to see him smiling and active again.

Here he is at his little ECFE class.

And at home burning energy :-)

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