Sunday, July 3, 2016

Work weekend fun

It was a beautiful weekend and even though I had to work in the evenings we wanted to make the most of our day. I love doing fun things before work but boy does it make for a long day and end up exhausting me. 

Saturday morning we went to Minnehaha falls and rented a surry bike. It was so fun to go for a family bike ride. 

Isaac was complaining of starvation so we biked over to Dairy Queen to grab the kids lunch (Kyle and I had drank our ShakeO on the drive over). 

They had a fun little picnic. 

Mary loved the helmet and didn't care to take it off. 

Then we finished our rental time with a nice ride around the park. 

Emma looks how I felt. They took cat naps in the van so it was also a long evening for Kyle since they didn't get real naps in. 

Sunday morning Kyle and I finished up our 60 day fitness plan, took photos, and measured each other. Then we headed out to eat for lunch to celebrate :-D I was craving some pineapple curry from a place near my work so we went there for curry and sushi. 

After we are we walked to a park across the street. The kids loved it and it was a gorgeous day. 

Isaac stayed pretty busy with this little marble maze puzzle things. 

There was cool piece of art in the park. It was a big dragon with the tail at the other end of the park. 

We came home with enough time to crash on the couch for five minutes of shut eye then I was off to work. 

Kyle took the kids to the park, which turned out to be a fiasco. Tried to enjoy the dog park but ended up getting attacked as they entered. Kyle took the brunt of it. Then the girls grabbed a fiberglass pole on the walk home. He was ready for the day to be over. 

Then we face timed before bed. Mary was so happy to see me. So cute. 

Looking forward to a bonus day together tomorrow for the holiday. Happy 4th of July! 

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