Sunday, July 24, 2016

More tasks getting accomplished

Another trip to Home Depot, just me and Mary this time.

When we came home Kyle had learned the hard way how slippery the deck was when wet. This prompted a cleaning, yuck did it need it. No wonder our feetsies were getting so dirty. It's like a new deck now!! (Gotta do the balcony next)

We also put carpet pads under the rugs. And I put some foam insulation around the exposed copper pipes in the pantry. 

Besides all the house projects that come with a new, older home. We have enjoyed making the space our own. Isaac and I rearranged his room on Saturday and we picked up the girls a new furniture piece at IKEA. Isaac got their old dark brown two by two shelves. 

Isaac's now

You can even see the few pieces of vinyl I saved from the old house. :)

Sunday I finished up the hooks in the coat closet

Got the dining table cleared and we had dinner on it for the first time!!

Put in the potty chair toilet seats we had at the old house.

Then Sunday night we had a lovely walk in our neighborhood! It was a gorgeous evening.

Sweet video of the girls saying boat:

Sunday we also got a new motion light installed. The other was broken.

Today I cleaned off the balcony deck and just cleaned around the house. It was a nice relaxing day with an early trip to target and an evening of games while we waited for daddy to get home from a late night of work. 

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