Thursday, July 21, 2016

New home!

Last Friday was closing day! We had spend the week running trips back and forth to the new house trying to help speed up the movers on Friday and to help reduce the cost of paying the movers. We got 8 trailer and 8 van loads moved over from Monday evening to Thursday morning.

Quite the haul. We had moved everything that was to be in the basement (minus a table and chest freezer) so the movers just had the main level and upstairs to bring over. We did have three big piles of boxes in the garage that we had them take up to each level, once they were over at the new house.

Okay back to Friday. We started with a breakfast of what was available. lol. CSA cucumbers and CSA cheese! It was actually good.

Oh and some carrots and hummus for the girls. Last meal in our old house!

Movers arrived at 8am and our Nanny arrived shortly before. The kids got to watch the movers get started then she took them in the van off for the day to get our from under all our feets. They are great at being involved and 'helping out'. Not needed today though. Our buyer arrived at about 8:15am to do his final walk through, so that was fun getting to meet him.

We helped by taking apart some funiture and cleaning up as they cleared rooms, but they moved fast and efficent. Totally worth it! They did all the furniture, took it apart, padded and protected it and the heavy lifting of course. They were pretty much done by 10:30 when it was time for us to leave and head to our closing. We had pre-signed for the sale of our home so we didn't have to attend that at 9am and also wouldn't have met our buyer if he didn't have his walk through as we were moving out.

We had to leave in a hurry as we were almost running late to our closing. We arrived, signed a bunch of papers, had a great chat with the sellers. Who the husband happen to work at the same place Kyle does but only 20 years longer :-P We chatted for about 10-15 minutes after the closing then we headed to grab lunch, we were starving. Grabbed food for the kids and Emily, met them back at the old house and went over to the new house where they got to eat in our new kitchen! The movers had already started and pretty much had all the big furniture in before we arrived. I had everything, I mean EVERYTHING clearly labeled and also gave them a floor plan so they knew which rooms were the kids and such. It paid off to be organized because every minute we saved was $$ we were saving as well.


It's ours, it was surreal that moving day was finally over but we have been waiting for this day for months.

This was my fitbit read out from Friday! 42 stairs!!!! Crazy!

Saturday was spent 'relaxing' (well the kids), playing, and unpacking. The kids were thrilled to see some of their old toys. Isaac and Mary were especially happy about the library being back!

We realized earlier in the week when we were making the trailer loads that we own a LOT of books. And to think we actually downsized as we packed them up getting rid of at least two boxes.

They were so happy to paint again!

This isn't even half, maybe not even a quarter of the boxes! This has become the box corner, will be nice when it's cleared out. I posted free boxes on a few garage sale sites and a lady came today, however I already have it filled back up from things I've unpacked today.

As if we needed more boxes, haha. But I waited to do a lot of the new house needs ordering until we moved because I didn't want to have to move new purchases. These were trashcans for under the sink.

And here they are! I installed them on Monday morning.

I also set up my 'office' in the basement which will also be my craft area. The floor is a hodgepodge or rugs, laminate flooring I had left over from a photography set up and carpet scraps. Works for me!

Mary's painting was pretty great Tuesday morning, pretty proud of it.

Playing outside Tuesday morning before heading to Home Depot then a park play date.

These kids! Home Depot trip.

We've been busy bee's unpacking and ticking away at our task lists. One task was hanging hooks in the kids' bathroom for their towels.

The entry way coat closet is pretty narrow making it hard to hang coats on the shower curtain rod they had hanging in there. So instead we installed hooks!

Tuesday I trimmed the backyard trees. I didn't get a before photo, but they were hanging down and low enough even the kids had to duck to get around them. So much cleaner now.

Also chopped down a huge bush that had grown over the step on the south side of the house.

And more boxes! Wednesday morning before that gal came for boxes. I ended up piling them right back up throughout the day getting through boxes. I should have counted but there are SOOO many!

I also got the books unpacked on Wednesday

We've also:
cleaned the gutters
tightened a toilet
put up a new shower curtain
replaced a melted light cover
replaced the ice door plate on the fridge 
cut some duct work that was in the pantry (photos to come when that project is finished) 
Replaced the master shower head (which worked out great because we had an extra head laying around from when they installed a low flow one at our old house) 

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Lesa Herrmann said...

Whew, you are staying busy! Glad to see you have started to settle in a bit. It will be a comfy home in no time.

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