Saturday, June 6, 2015


About a month ago I realized my phone pictures just weren't cutting it and made a goal to be more intentional about grabbing my 'real' camera to capture these moments. Don't get me wrong, getting pictures with my phone is better than nothing and boy do I have a TON! But when I actually go to look at them and add them to my photo books that will be printed. My good camera just captures their adorable features so much better. And the details, love seeing crystal clear eyes or their sprigs of hair going every which way.

These photos are three separate days in the last five. The first one was just an afternoon enjoying our NEW living room! The kids love rolling on the soft squishy carpet.
new living room play-2

As I've mentioned before, Mary uses her middle finger as her pointer finger
new living room play-5

Mary is quite the walker and is doing it more and more everyday.
new living room play-6

Emma's hair can get outta control
new living room play-7

Mary is also quite dramatic. Someone probably looked at her wrong or got in her way here. It doesn't take much.
new living room play-8

new living room play-10

new living room play-11

new living room play-13

new living room play-15

They like squeezing into the little spot between the couches
new living room play-16

new living room play-18

new living room play-20

On this day the kids all had late naps, so we decided to do our Costco run after dinner. When we got home we just played in the yard a bit before starting the bedtime routine.
outside play-2

outside play-3

Mary loves to give kisses
outside play-4

outside play-7

She is mini-Isaac in his old shirt, lol.

outside play-8

outside play-10

outside play-13

outside play-14

outside play-19

attempt at a photo of all three
outside play-20

beautiful profile
outside play-22

"put the camera down and hold me mama"
outside play-23

This was Thursday, we made a fort while we waited on our new stove to get delivered.
fort play-2

The girls are in super cute sun dresses. Definitely a perk to having girls, SO many different clothes! And thanks to friends and family we have lots of hand-me-downs, I love it!
fort play-3

These bull horns have been a favorite lately... amazing how much joy a cheap happy meal toy can bring.
fort play-7

fort play-8

fort play-9

fort play-11

Baby girl is tired, ready for lunch and nap.
fort play-13

fort play-14

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