Saturday, June 13, 2015

Arboretum Visit June 6th

Last Saturday we made our first visit out to the Arboretum. It was kind of rainy so it wasn't a long visit and it was after nap so we didn't have much umph left in the kids. But Grandma Judy got us a season pass so we can venture out there any time we want now. We hadn't been since a year ago when Grandma was visiting when the babies were just a few weeks old.

We drove past the main building and decided to visit the shade tree area. This arboretum is so big there will be plenty of new areas to see. We didn't plan this visit out very well because we didn't really get to see anything in bloom. Well not up close anyway. We did see the blooming iris' as we drove out.

Here is Isaac in the 'tree house' in the shade tree area.
arboretum-1 arboretum-2

(Side note, earlier this morning Kyle and Isaac went to a workshop at The Home Depot. Isaac picked out his shirt that morning based on going to build a truck, it was cute)



We decided to go for a little walk on the trails so we put the girls in the stroller so we could be a little more comfortable. We ended up seeing a turkey trotting across the lawn toward the sculpture garden. We were all getting hungry so didn't venture into the sculpture garden this time.



I didn't mean to completely cut Emma out of the pic... oops

On our way home, we picked up a new lens I have had my eye on. So I went out to our garden to play around with it once the kids were in bed. It is the same lens I had rented and blogged about here.  I was capturing our strawberries...



When I heard the chirping of two cardinals flying around me. It was pretty cool!




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