Tuesday, June 16, 2015

MoM picnic

Sunday I had my MoMs picnic (Mothers of Multiples club). It was a gorgeous day! I had signed up to help with set up; Isaac helped me while the girls napped in the van with Kyle. 

He helped aka played :-) here he's testing out the bubbles. 

Of course the girls were sleeping great because we were waiting for them to wake up. I think Kyle finally woke them and brought them out to join us. Emma is enthralled with the hula hoop. 

Chewing on some unused bubble wands. 

Isaac jumping in the bounce house. 

After lunch or during it I guess, the bounce house had cleared out so I put the girls in. 

Like liked crawling around. 

I even let them split a cookie, ha!

Ponies arrived at 1:00 and the talk of the day. I hadn't really talked it up to Isaac but he was still interested in riding. So he waited his turn and got to go. First bringing a carrot to the pony. 

Then a short little ride. He's obvious pretty tired at this point. 

We left after one more round in the bouncy house. Made it home with everyone awake so we were able to get them all down for a nap at the same time. 

We had an early dinner then made a quick trip to the splash pad. I didn't get any photos but it was the girls first time. They seemed to like it. Questionable at first but enjoyed sitting with us around one little spout while Isaac ran around us to the bigger sprinklers. The cold water felt nice after a long warm day. 

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