Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a nice Easter weekend here. Kyle had Friday off work, I got a much needed massage. Then Isaac painted a wooden Easter egg that afternoon. We have had our Easter books out for a couple weeks leading up to Easter and Isaac was getting pretty excited saying "Easter is coming!"

Saturday we made a Costco trip and then colored Easter eggs, he was pretty excited about coloring eggs like his books talked about. 
egg coloring-3

egg coloring-5

egg coloring-9

And he was even more of a fan of eating the "doubled eggs" I made for Easter Sunday :-)

Sunday we got up and he checked out his basket, did a quick little Easter egg hunt around the living room then we headed to church. 
easter morning-2

easter morning-3

easter morning-8


They squeezed in a third service, which effected the start times.... usually we attend the 9:00 service, but when we arrived at 9 we found out it actually started at 8:30. But no biggie, we missed the singing but Isaac still got to go downstairs and play, which he loves. We ended up staying into the 10:00 service to attend the worship and just left after a few songs since we had already heard the sermon. 

That afternoon we were invited over to some friends for a wonderful afternoon of outdoor play and yummy Easter lunch. We are truly blessed to have friends that think of us during holidays as we don't have any family around and typically just lay low. It was SOOO beautiful out! Isaac ended up with his shirt off since we forgot to stick in a change of clothes. Both boys were stylin' in their Easter outfits but quickly sweat through them. 
easter lunch-5

easter lunch-7

Playing catch
easter lunch-1

They even had some eggs hidden for Isaac and our friend's niece
easter lunch-2

We came home and I put my feet up since they have been getting swollen lately. We played around the house and Isaac finally wanted to put on his bunny ears (video does not work in email)

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