Thursday, June 20, 2013

Missouri Trip - June 2013

So I've been putting it off and putting it off to blog about our trip. I got our pictures sorted through, but I just haven't had time to sit down and write all about it.... so I am taking the lazy way out and am just going to post a slide show from our visit and a quick recap.

We started down Wednesday evening, stayed in Cameron, Missouri and a cute little hotel that had a rockin' hot complimentary breakfast the next morning. I could see us stopping there in the future. We got there on one take of gas, so it was a great stopping point. We arrived about 1am.... which wasn't ideal. We weren't sure if we were going to stop or not but thought it be best to get a little rest. Isaac slept from about 9pm til when we stopped there. He was excited to be in a new place and loved exploring the hotel until about 2 am. Had a hard time getting to sleep and practically kicked Kyle and I out of a king bed. He was quite the squirmer through the night.

The next morning we got up and started south again, stopping in Kansas City to visit Kyle's grandpa. It just so happened he had had surgery a few days prior and wasn't home. But we were glad we got to see him no matter the location. And it was good for Isaac to get to see his great-grandpa again.

Then we stopped in Clinton to see Kyle's parents and had lunch with them. Then headed down to Springfield to see my family. Thursday we played around the house, where Isaac learned not to walk on the pool cover. As he got all wet when he stepped out on it to chase after a ball. His cousins loved playing with him. As you can see in the photos. Alyson was so cute and would rub his head and hold his hand. Both Alyson and Aliyah made sure he stayed hydrated by carrying his water bottle around and make sure he got a drink every few minutes. It was cute.

Friday we ventured to the Farm Park. Isaac didn't get his usual 12 hours plus 2 hour nap the first days there so he was worn out but played hard non-stop. He fell into a deep sleep on the way to the farm park, so he spent the first half snoozing in the car with Kyle while we walked around the lake. Then he woke up in time to go with us to see the animals. He is quite the looker and liked to just watch the quails. He would have stood and watched the quails all day if we didn't get him to walk with us to the rest of the animals. But he seemed to like them all it was quite cute. And playing with rocks, loved playing with rocks. And walking. He walked all the way down the side of the cow fence wanting to go further but there was no where to go.

Saturday we played around the house some more. The kids all loving the slide and play structure. And of course balls, he loved pushing the balls UP into the net. Grandma Judy tried to show him they could go into the hoop, he thought was just great.

Sunday Kyle, Isaac, and I met my good friend Blair at Lambert's for lunch. She was in town for a wedding and it was just coincidence that we were in town the same time. So glad we were because I miss her and it was great to see them! Sunday evening we went over to my dad's house, had dinner with my mom, then walked around another park.

Monday we left in the morning to head back south, stopped in Clinton again to visit with Kyle's folks for a bit. Kyle's mom had pulled out his old blanket his grandmother made Kyle and gave it to Isaac. Kyle reminisced about playing with the track blanket; it's so cool that Isaac will also get to have memories playing with it and that it's still in such good shape that it's able to be passed down. Then back home again we made it that evening.

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