Sunday, June 2, 2013

Grandparents Visit

Last weekend Kyle's folks came up for a visit and to join us for Kyle's graduation. They came up Thursday evening and arrived after Isaac was in bed. So Friday we had all day to hang out while Kyle was at work. They brought Isaac a new wagon! Of course he was super excited to see it waiting for him in the living room and immediately claimed it as his :-P

After breakfast we went for a walk down the street and back.
wagon ride-1

wagon ride-2

It wasn't too chilly of a morning, but the grandparents are used to Missouri weather so they were rather chilly.
wagon ride-3

Isaac is telling grandma a story about something:
wagon ride-5

Having a little snack in the wagon.

Kyle got to leave work early since it was the Friday of a holiday weekend, so we went for another walk/wagon ride after nap time.
wagon ride-6

We strolled to a local park near the dog park, so Harpo was also included. Harpo did get his eye brows trimmed shortly after this trip as he couldn't see a thing... poor neglected first child he is:
dakota park-8

dakota park-1

Isaac had some fun on the swings:
dakota park-3

dakota park-6

dakota park-7

dakota park-9

Saturday we had brunch at one of our favorite places, Uptown Cafeteria. Then went for a little walk around lake of the isles afterward.


Came home so Isaac could get a good nap before heading off to the graduation that evening.

Sunday was pretty low key. We played around the house then went for Japanese Hibachi for dinner. Isaac seemed to love it, was a little concerned with the fire initially but then ooh and ahhed over it. Caught everyone with their mouth's full....

Then my second one Del had his eyes shut, oops.

Monday morning we took another trip to a different park in our neighborhood.
bronx park-2

bronx park-3

bronx park-5

bronx park-8

Running out from underneath the trees:
bronx park-9

bronx park-10

bronx park-14

Overall it was a fun visit and a lot of play time and lovin' on Isaac!

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