Wednesday, September 26, 2012


He's been babbling for a while now, but it has seemed to pick up in the past week or so. I've heard "mama" and maybe even a "dada" before. But yesterday it was the word of the day. Over and over and over... reminded me of that episode of Family Guy... here's that clip I'm talking about  :-P

Yesterday I tried to capture the "mama mama" on video but every time I'd bring it out he'd go silent. I finally got it today. He was going on and on and of course he stopped as soon as I hit record. But he picks back up at the end of the clip:

We had to break out a bib again because his drool is rather insane. I think he's cutting his front two teeth which would make 5 & 6 on the tooth count.

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Grandma said...

that's just too funny when he crawls between the ball & the ottoman, i laughed out loud.what a sweetie !

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