Monday, September 17, 2012


OH MY FREAKIN' WORD!!! Just came in from outside where I discovered THIS!
above egress-1

Kyle was going to crawl under the deck tonight to try and check again. We NEEDED to find the place they were getting in and if he didn't see anything we were going to call a professional because we don't want to deal with this problem. We haven't killed anymore, but we know it's not over yet till the entry point is discovered and closed off. We still have all our traps out, but nothing has been caught since Saturday night. Although this morning we think one of the bait piles had been tampered with, so there is still one or more left to devour.

Isaac was a little fussy pre-nap so I decided just to walk around outside again hoping to find where they were getting in. We looked at this area on Saturday, but obviously not good enough. I got down on the ground and discovered this HUGE open area above our egress window!!!!!
above egress-2

I can not believe it! No wonder we had so many all at once!
above egress-3

We've called and written an email to our contractor. We knew it had to be some change with the basement remodel because we've never had them before. I feel much better we found it but still freaking out. Especially with where it is because that means they traveled REALLY far to get to our kitchen! I just hope they haven't set up camp above our basement ceiling. AHHHH

Just heard back from him as I'm writing this email, he's going to be over tomorrow to fix it.

And to finished, here's some Isaac & Harpo cuteness.
standing at door with harpo-1

And Harpo having enough of Isaac pulling at his face:
standing at door with harpo-2

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