Friday, September 7, 2012

Isaac Memories

The other day I said "I wonder when Isaac with become unique?" I know he's already unique in his own way, but at the same time he is a typical little boy... getting into everything, being a jumping bean in my lap at story time today, hitting all those milestones parents go gaga over. He does do some things that I'm not sure if they are typical or if they are his own personality shining through. So I wanted to document them so I can remember these fun little stories.

One is his pointer finger. He loves pointing things, the little imperfection holes in the hardwood floors, he rubs his pointer finger over them. He likes to stick his finger in the top of this little 'to-go' apple sauce packet. Anything with screws or buttons he has to stick his finger on it. A month or so ago I was putting up the gate at the bottom of the stairs, which if it's not up he is immediately up them. But his little finger was out of my sight and in the way and I smooshed it a little bit. He cried a little and I comforted him. Then while he was on my lap he was pointing to things like he does but his finger hurt, so as soon as he'd touch it he'd pull it back real fast and moan. It was the cutest, sweetest thing ever!

Lately his favorite thing is opening and shutting thing, books, doors, cabinets, on his hand or in the air, wherever!! He will slam the trashcan lid on his hand over and over and it won't phase him! I encourage him to play elsewhere but he is drawn to it whenever he goes by. He loves opening and flipping books around it's so cute!

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