Sunday, September 9, 2012

Isaac's First Tooth

So I posted his tooth hole from last week, Thursday I tried to capture it's growth, but I was by myself and he was not cooperating, lol.
tooth 9_6-1

This was about the best I could get.
tooth 9_6-3

So I just waited til Saturday when I could have Kyle help me.
tooth 9-8-5

tooth 9-8-2

And there it is!!
tooth 9-8-4


Lesa Herrmann said...

Congrats Isaac!

Williams Schermer said...

How adorable! Would you look at that little chomper? How is Isaac doing now? Teething is one of the most memorable phases in our kids' lives. It is common for children in this stage to experience discomfort once in a while. You can try giving Isaac a teething toy, in case this happens. Also, cold treats like frozen fruit popsicles can help soothe the pain.

Daisy said...

He's doing great. Luckily he doesn't seemed bothered by them at all. :-) has four now.

Unknown said...

The Isaac’s cute longing gaze in the first photo almost melted my heart. Did he feel any pain or any uneasiness while he was teething? I’m still waiting for my baby’s first tooth and I just hope that she will not feel any kind of pain when that happens.

-Rae Screen

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