Thursday, May 30, 2024


Luckily (or not so fortunate) we're busy enough that I don't have time to talk ea lot of photos so I can bust these past three months out pretty quickly. Well maybe not May, we've been pretty busy and I might have lots of photos to share... but here we are in March. Lots of pictures of Oakley because well he's cute and takes up a LOT of time!

He loves sticks and his woofball! This green ball screws open and we can fill it with frozen treats or they sell a peanut butter-ish ball that last up to 40 minutes of him licking. The longest thing I've found to occupy him! You can use my referral link for 10% off! I love their other treats too! The Love nuggets and bully sticks. 

Thomas lost his first tooth! March 1st

Lots of play time with Oakley. 


Walking to school

One of Kyle's co-workers sent him this cow hide from his recent trip to a packing plant. 

My co-workers: celebrating Child Life Month! 

Emma on the way to gymnastics. 

March 21st snow

Isaac's last day of spring break we had lunch at a pinball place. 

Working out with mom and the viking eye... I think that was when I was on my way to pick up Isaac from youth group at church.

While Isaac was on spring break we became members of the Bakken museum, so on March 23rd we all went as a family. It's a fun science type museum just two minutes from our house. 


View on a morning run. 

Some more snow March 24th. We barely got any snow this winter so enjoying what we do get. Oakley loves the snow. 

Beautiful view on my way home from a swim, I had to pull over and get out of my car to capture this!

More Oakely and Easter Sunday!

Girls did an egg hunt at our former neighbor's house. Thomas was sick that day so we didn't make it to church. 

And that's March!

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