Friday, May 31, 2024

Girls' Golden Birthday

The girls' had a sleepover for their birthday on a Friday. A handful of their friends walked home after school, while a couple other friends arrived a little later from other schools. 

We had a balloon countdown for the evening. Each balloon had a time on it and they would pop that balloon at that time then there was a paper in it to tell us the next activity. First up was Is It Cake? Game!


Love their ooh and aww in this video: 




Next up was Piñata time. The girls requested a piñata and we picked it out together, we had a pineapple theme. 

The girls were so cute and excited about this party, they'd been planning for a month! They made each guest a goodie back, made bracelets, we made earrings and filled with goodies. They even hand made their invitations:

After the piñata we changed things up a bit. Kyle's car was getting worked on and the dealership gave him a loner car... it was going to take the weekend for the repairs so we got to keep the car for 4 days! Not gonna argue with having a $120,000 convertible to play in, lol. So as one of our impromptu activities the girls took turns having a top down lake ride - Kyle drove them all around the lake with the top down!

While that was happening the other girls played outside, scooters, chalk, jump rope.

Then pizza arrived. And girls opened their presents. A couple girls left that weren't staying gah night then it was playtime, get ready for bed time, and movie time. Another last minute was digging out our old projector and playing a movie on the wall in the girls' room. This helped with bedtime because I think most fell asleep during the movie, then woke back up a little later. 

Then we had breakfast and girls started getting picked up. I worked on making the rest of the cake pops so I could send a container home with each girl and we took a large lot of them to Isaac's baseball game for the players. 

Fast Forward a week to their ACTUAL day of birth. It was a Friday, I had donuts for them from the previous day of events I attended... but I FORGOT to set them out oops. They had been opening a present a day all week, but had a couple more to open that day so we did that in the morning. 

I brought them punch pizza for lunch at school. Mary sat with me, while Emma didn't want to sit with us and wanted to be with her friends. 

We had a low key dinner and brought out the donuts I forgot about for dessert and sang happy birthday! 

Happy Birthday Girls!

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