Thursday, May 30, 2024


More Oakley! I'm telling you he consumes ALL our time at home, but that's what puppies do right?

He loves the carrot he got for Easter. 

Attempt at a 'run' to the bridge and back. 

Oakley is growing so fast, we made him a tie blanket to lay on the couch. 

We made puppy biscuits!

Oh the kids were on spring break that first week of April, Isaac went back.

April 7th Kyle and I did the Goldy's run. Rainbow at 6:45 am. 

I did the 5K and he did the 10 mile. I finished and went home to get the kids then we came back to cheer him to the finish. It was a cold one. Rained before we started but mostly dry for the run. 

Oakley has claimed this spot. 

Gorgeous views when I'm up early for a run. 

Hammock time!

Chatting with the neighbor dog, Buzz. 

Obedience 1 graduation: April 14! 

Time in the yard, kids playing silly.

Start of sports!

Isaac in baseball

Amazing sky on my way to swim at 5:45am. 

Spring Girls on the Run after school. 

More gorgeous morning views. Crazy how quickly it lightens up in the morning, the sun is fully up now when I head to swim. 

Walk to school, enjoying these while we can because next year we'll be at a different school and no more walking. 

Oakley had his first walking obedience class on Saturday April 20th then went to see Isaac play baseball.


Picnic at Isaac's baseball game, Monday April 22nd. 

Deer on my way to swim!

Isaac's first track meet April 23rd. Kyle was traveling. His first meet got cancelled the week before due to rain. This meet he did the hurdles, high jump, and 4x100 relay. 

I signed up for a 10K race for May 19th so getting lots of running in. It's a trail run with hills so ran to and from the sculpture garden a lot to get hills in. 

April 26th Mary had her first softball practice

I took my drone to capture 'Pits & Alleys' at school for the yearbook. I made the kids' elementary yearbook, 44 pages a bazillion photos. Pretty proud of it and kinda sad to not be doing it anymore. 

April 30th

Captured on the way to swim. 

Practice our walking, daily. 

Emma had a rainy soccer game!

I'll finish with some photos from Kyle's trip to the packing plants during a week in April. 

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