Monday, June 1, 2020

This Mom Needs a Run (& Chickens)

Saturday May 9th, I took part in a virtual 5K run. I had gathered a few other friends all over the country and we ran a 5K in our neighborhoods at the same time. We had a zoom call before we started to say hello and connect, then set off for our run. It was fun! It was good to run, I hadn't ran in preparation like I had hoped but I finished and did it and THAT'S what matters! I did laps around our block so I could say hi to the kids as I passed. 

That afternoon we checked out a few farm supply stores as we prepared to get chickens. My brother was mailing his icubator and I had found a lady to buy eggs from. We picked up a couple items but really just wanted to get a feel for what we were getting into.

We went out to eat way out east near the farm store. This was our FIRST TIME out to eat since end of February! Pretty exciting. 

Kyle captured this photo that night before bed. Since the girls birthday was Sunday on Mother's Day, I wasn't really getting a Mother's Day this year. 

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