Tuesday, June 23, 2020


Early May the kids found a caterpillar outside one day and we brought it in. We tried to feed it and keep it but it ended up dying. Which prompted me to look up caterpillar kits and I ordered one from amazon. It arrived just around when our eggs were incubating so we had LOTS of new life going n in our house, lol. Making the most of distance learning teaching them fun things. This is my kind of teaching, not what the school was providing us to learn that caused more headache than anything. 

Anyway, so they arrived, looking dead, which is normal per the instructions. They quickly livened up and grew SO fast! The next day they were getting bigger and every hour they seemed to grow and grow. 

This was May 13th:


May 19th, getting bigger and being more active:

Four of the five made their way to the top.

Then started to form their chrysalis 

On May 27th we moved them to their cage and waited for the butterflies to emerge

It didn't take long and it happened so fast we didn't get a chance to actually see one emerge. We fed them fruit and their sugar water for a few days before releasing them. 

May 30th we released the four butterflies into the wild. 

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