Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Final Days of School (well distance learning)

Not sure the last school post I shared but this is basically all of May in one. We are so thankful they ended earlier than our Minnesota school, we were just DONE with the whole distance learning thing. Not one wanted to do any of it. Here's Emma on one of her calls, celebrating with the balloons behind her the week after her birthday

Mary on one of her calls. Her teacher didn't have weekly calls but the last week of school had one everyday. 

The girls teachers asked for photos of them to make their end of year books. So I sent these in. Such beautiful girls!

Girls doing some kids holy yoga one day after lunch, love how they ended in savanna: 

Coloring our big coloring map:

Fuse beads made their way out toward the end and stayed out for quite a while.


The warmer weather meant water play outside! Happy to be getting use out of this well used water table. We bought this new for Isaac 7 years ago and boy has it gotten lots of love over the years. And had moved to three different houses! 


And the end of year wouldn't be complete without end of year photos, haha! Had a little fun with them

What a year it's been! Moving on to 3rd grade and 1st grade! Wonder what next year will bring. 

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