Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Playset Assembly

So we BOUGHT the playset on April first. I actually went to pick it up myself at Costco, emptied out the van and got it all loaded, well four of the five boxes. They couldn't find the 2nd of 5 boxes. It wouldn't have fit anyway. But the plan was to take these home, unload and come back. I called before making a trip back and they hadn't found it so they were ordering it and it'd be a few days before it arrived. No biggie cuz I knew it'd be a while before we could get the whole thing built. 

Over the weekend we emptied out the boxes and laid things out to inventory. I was going to try and get the first couple steps done one day then realized all the hardware was in the missing box. I was calling daily and Monday the 6th it came in. Got my grocery list together for the Costco run and picked up the missing box. Meanwhile we wouldn't have had time anyway cuz over the weekend we were installing a bathroom vanity (see other post)

The last box was the BIGGEST! But we got it home and unloaded and I was able to start on the 57 some steps. First step was 1-3. I did this Tuesday (4/7) afternoon by myself. Though it was 1-4 but it was actually 1-3. 

Wednesday evening (4/8) Kyle and I did steps 4-7 as this was a TWO person portion. 

Thursday I was able to come out and do steps 8 and 9. 

Now we were at a point we didn't want to do anymore steps in order until we could place the structure where we planned on keeping it. The next steps stabilize the structure and start building on to it. So before it gets to heavy we want to move it. And before we move it we want the tree trimmer to be finished chopping massive branches out of the trees so we are at a holding point now. I went ahead in the manual and picked out some steps that could be done on their own off to the side as we wait to pick up where we left off. 

So Thursday I was also able to complete step 13 in the project: basically just putting on the handle and hinges on the already made door:

Saturday morning we did the lengthy step which was number 17. Getting all those clunky swing piece on the big beam that will hold the swings. This took about 30 minutes or so. So even though it's one step doesn't mean it's quick, lol. 

Sunday the weather got COLD so we weren't back out for a while, and Monday the tree trimmer started in the back so the wood chopper and all his gear was in the backyard so I didn't let the kids go out and play at all cuz I didn't want to deal with the battle of keeping them off the equipment. Actually the chopper trailer was back there over the weekend and they did okay staying off it... somewhat, Thomas had to explore. So we just stayed out the way and it was pretty chilly anyway so no body wanted to be outside long. 

Wednesday (April 15th) we assembled the third level cage. One step that evening but it had four parts. At this point we had done most of the smaller assembling and the next thing was to go back and start to put the whole thing together. But I didn't want to do that over weeks, so we waited til the weekend so we could not leave it unsafe for multiple days, cuz you know the kids won't listen and would end up playing on it when we asked them not to. 


April 18th (Saturday) the weekend arrived and we decided to get this thing busted out and put together. We moved the base to the location we wanted it to be and started to get the pieces on, step by step. 


Break for lunch on Saturday then back at it for the swings!


We stopped there for the day and returned to work Sunday morning. Getting the roof put together then up to the third level of the set. I didn't want to stop until this part was safe cuz heaven forbid someone fall off. We didn't want any hospital trips during this whole COVID thing. 


attaching the roof. 

At this point Kyle was pulled away or working on something. OH he went to put Thomas down for nap I bet. So it was just me so I skipped ahead to a couple things I could do on my own. The double slide and the kitchen set under it. Although Thomas is in this photo haha. Maybe I took this after he was up from nap. I can't remember lol it was about a month ago. Anyway trying to get this blogged in the best order I can going off the timeline of the photos :-) 

Actually maybe this is when Kyle left to run to Costco to pick up some rubber mulch...

Sunday afternoon, I think we said we'd do the twisty slide and call it good for the day. So we started on this lengthy step:



That's a wrap for Sunday, pretty much finished minus a few little steps and the fireman's pole

The kids loved it!


Later that week we finished it off by getting the fireman's pole attached.

The next weekend Kyle picked up some more rubber mulch and edging so we could finish off the play yard. A few photos from the week, kids really enjoying it.

Thomas says "push me higher. push me high I want to sleep" lol. 

The following Saturday, April 25th I believe we got the logs dug in and cut and the balance beam I had plans for screwed on. It was now finished! We realized we need about ten more bags of mulch... Kyle went back to the store but they were out. I was there this week and they had more so hopefully we can grab a few more to finish it off for good. It's been raining all week this week so not much outside play happening. But we will be out there when it dries up.

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