Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Thanksgiving - New House Purchase

We drove down to Missouri for Thanksgiving. We made it a double trip because our closing date was set for the Monday after Thanksgiving. The van was loaded to the brim with things that we knew the movers wouldn't take. We brought it down this trip to leave at the house after we closed. Mary has graduated to a booster... Emma still hasn't and isn't a fan but she's got some more growing to do. Isaac is two inches away from being out of the booster and he measures himself about once a week, haha. Can you see Harpo all snug as a bug :-)  

Such a good traveler! Kansas will be Harpo's fourth state of residence :-P 

Looking at a pop up book with Grandma Cindy: 

I was excited to take the kids to Osceola Cheese on the way down to Springfield. This is a memory from my childhood... they didn't quite see why it was so special, lol. 

We met their cousins at the discovery center on Saturday morning. Grandpa Les stopped in and got a photo with ALL his grand kids. 

We put our MN Science membership to use getting us in free to the Springfield Discovery Center. Here's Emma on the bed of nails:

Afterwards we met Grandma Judy for lunch (which I now realize we didn't get any photos with Gma Judy)

Back to my brother's house for some video games and cousin time. It was fun they got to play and maybe we can make the visits more often since we'll be closer. 

We just spent the day in Springfield then went back up to Grandma Cindy's house for one more night before Kyle and I took a solo trip to Wichita. 

Sunday around lunch Kyle and I made the 4ish hour drive into flatness:

We had the van loaded with all the explosives and hazardous waste, lol. Just glad we didn't get rear ended with a bag of charcoal sitting on a propane tank next to bottles of bleach and cleaning supplies with guns, boxes of paint cans, and a freezer of meat. We stopped at Lowe's and somehow fit a cabinet in the back. This was for our laundry room project I had been planning. Which at the time of writing this is actually COMPLETED! 

We went out to eat on a date night. We had never been away from all the kids over night so this was nice. Fun to get to go to a fancy restaurant and check out what this city has to offer. We ate at Newport Grill. 

Monday morning we did our final walk through then closed on the home. We stuck to house shopping in this area because it was the one area that had the biggest tress. Well now we own roughly 21 trees... so I should be careful what I wish for, haha. 

Here are a couple video walk throughs. Sorry I took them for my Instagram Stories so they are in portrait not landscape. 

We left Monday evening to head back to the kids, then left to drive back to Minnesota Tuesday morning, long day but we had a goal to get Isaac back for piano lessons at 7. And we made it! 

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