Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Indoor Triathlon

I participated in a trial event indoor triathlon on November 17th at the YWCA in Minneapolis. Wow feels like forever ago, but want to still get it documented. This was our transition area pre and post swim. We same the 500yds... or in my case 550yd cuz I lost count and went an extra lap down and back. Oops. Then ran out to this area and changed into my running shoes, heading upstairs to the bikes and track. 

Bike for 5 or 6 miles, can't remember. Than ran around that track to the left of the bikes for 2 miles. It was fun to tri again :-) 

It was actually decent outside and warm enough to get the bike out, which I hadn't really ridden outside since getting my new bike. Me and Mary geared up and went for a quick stroll. She was a little slow so we went around the block then I dropped her off back at home and went down the side of the lake and back to get a feel for my bike off the trainer. It was fun. Missing those lakes right now, and know I'm really going to miss them this summer. Emma was telling me last night before bed that a friend at school said there is a beach here somewhere. The kids are missing the beach. Not sure where the lakes are here, there aren't many if any. But maybe we'll find one this summer. 

Sweet Mary has a beautiful smile! 

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