Tuesday, February 4, 2020

House Horribles

***This was from mid-November. I'm just going to post as is. Don't even remember my point or what, think I was just documenting the horrible process I was dealing with (still somewhat am)***

It started with the decision to move... let me preface this with I don't want to move to Wichita, that's a known fact. No matter how positive I try to swing it and how upbeat I try to be, the simple fact remains. One positive piece of this was Kyle's company would buy our house from us. We did not want to list the house before moving and deal with showing it with four kids and a dog the last month we have living here. So we were excited to hear that perk. Well all perks come at a cost... we still have to list the house eventually, but only for 60 days and then they will take it from us. We also have to go through inspections and such to make sure the house is up to their policy standards before they purchase from us... that's where it started.

Actually let me back up one day. It was a Monday and we had the inspection done on our FUTURE house. I was looking forward to it, I love inspections because you get to learn all about the house you're about to take responsibility of. Unfortunately we were 650 miles away and unable to physically be there but our two agents were and we facetimed with them to talk to the inspector and get the report and ask questions. We looked through the report, glad that we had a few pages with photos to read through... but then we quickly realized we had way too high of expectations for this guy. We had an amazing inspection company for our current house and while we weren't expected THAT great we were hoping for more than we got... but at this point we're kinda stuck. So who knows what he missed, but we don't want to drop another $500 to get it done again, so once we move in I'll do my own inspection - paying close attention to the relocation policy we're going off on for this home.

So the FOLLOWING day after this disappointing Monday, I got a call to review the inspection done on our CURRENT home by the relocation company. And boy oh boy did that inspector rip us a new one. I swear he was getting paid for each item he could write up... this has consumed my days, hours, and minutes since happening October 29th. Let me see here, I'll just lay this out there, for documentation purposes. This isn't counting all the phone calls, emails back and forth, and time NOT having to wait around to meet someone at the house for various things.

Tue Oct 29th Had to leave a BSF fellowship early to take the phone call on the drive home
---Oct 29th Energy people here to lift electrical line and cut branches which was really no concern but on the report to fix so it's done
Wed Oct 30th Garage door estimate guy came
---Oct 30th moved wood that was complained about leaning up against wall in garage
---Oct 30th photos sent showing we are not trimming our neighbor's tree and that the branches don't even touch our house
Fri Nov 1st Mold inspector here to take samples in the attic
---Nov 1st also inspection of fireplace done at Kansas house and we learn that it's a mess, unsafe to burn and basically need to be rebuilt
Sat Nov 2nd Painter stopped by for estimate
---Nov 2nd also trip to home depot to get insulation line to replace, return trip because I got the wrong size
Mon Nov 4th Another garage door guy for estimate
---Nov 4th Stucco Specialist by to evaluate BRAND NEW stucco in the rain!
Tues Nov 5th Chimney Inspection (Chimney Deemed Unsafe to use)
---Nov 5th stucco specialist back needing to prove there is mesh under the stucco, drills hole in house
Wed Nov 6th Roofer here
Tues Nov 12th Electrician suppose to come, had to reschedule
---Nov 12 Window trim repaired (halfway, too cold for the caulking they'll be back)
---Nov 12 asbestos person here for testing
Wed Nov 13th Basement person came, but wasn't the right person to get... (see Friday)
---Nov 13 Electrical guys finally came 1.5 hours late
---Nov 13 Moisture testing guy here drilling holes into our brand new stucco
Thurs Nov 14th Water meter install (completely unrelated to any of this haha)
---Nov 14th SECOND chimney inspected at Kansas house, was suppose to be done the first, we learned this one also isn't working and needs the ventless gas logs replaced.
Fri Nov 15th Structural Engineer here
Oh Kyle is out of town the past week but arrives home and we chat with our agent about how we want to precede with negotiations about the now two NON working fireplaces in the Kansas house.
Sun Nov 17th Communication with Kansas agent about how the sellers are not willing to fix anything because "We don't want to fix something we aren't going to use" are you kidding me?!?!?! That is part of selling a home. Our previous house we had to put in a new furnace and replace the garage roof... this house we have to (see above). It's part of selling a house!

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