Tuesday, October 23, 2018

MLS - Major League Soccer

Sunday we were blessed with some leftover tickets from my work and got to attend the home finale of the Minnesota United. We have never been to a professional soccer game (or any real soccer game for that matter). Isaac LOVES soccer so he was so pumped and his eyes did not leave the field for the entire game. (oh and Mom you'll like this, their mascot is the Loon, so they played the sound of a loon. There was even a guy with this super cute Loon hat with a baby loon on it's back)

We lucked out with it being a beautiful fall day. The day before was really cold and windy but with the sun we were nice and warm. The sun bothered the kids a bit and they stole Kyle's hat and glasses to be able to see the field.

Attempt at a family photo, haha.

Thomas wasn't feeling the greatest, his body is adjusting to all the germs of the world and he seems to constantly be fighting a cold. But it worked out because this way he was content being in my wrap the whole time and I didn't have to chase him around the seating.

The girls were of course concerned about snacks so we went down to check out the concession stand. It was a mad house! Totally crazy, they wanted popcorn so we were in this really long line. Once we got to the front we realized they were having throwback prices, which explained the madness. We got to the front of the line to discover they were out of popcorn, out of cheese, out of pretzels... and the woman just really didn't know anything. So we found another line. Long again, and we finally made it to the front. They had popcorn and cheese so we got nachos. No pretzels but at least she had a time frame to give us. We would just do without. We got 3 popcorns and two nachos for $7.

The sun setting was fun to watch.

Turns out the attendance was record setting. They lost, but it was a fun experience and we'll have to get Isaac a scarf for Christmas #scarvesUPminnesota

We are excited to see them next year at their own field: Allianz Field

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