Saturday, August 13, 2016

Continued house work

Last weekend Kyle got my lower pantry shelf installed so I was finally able to get it organized! Feels so good to have usable space below

We also picked up a new door for the garage. The door that was there was swollen and slanted and wasn't able to fully open. We changed direction of the swing and installed it straight - even though the wall is crooked as heck... that's another project way down the road: getting the garage re-drywalled and fixed. We now have a nice functioning door. We didn't want this style of door but the other was way on the top shelf and she gave us a large discount if we would just take this one verses waiting around with three wild kids while they fetched the other. We were okay with that.

That same home depot visit we picked up Kyle's much belated Christmas present. A new tool table. Now the tool room is also on it's way to being organized. Got about halfway through... that's life with kids can't fully get something done without having to tend to caretaker life.

Here is the before photo of the tool room:

And now:

We picked up a shelving unit at Costco a couple weeks ago and I finally got to putting it together during nap one day. It felt so good to get some of the boxes through. Still have a little pile in the middle of the room but at least it's not overwhelming me every-time I walk through that room like before.

Here is the before photo: this is what it looked like when we moved in:

This is a progress photo:

And then now waiting to be finished up:

Friday morning we had some fun entertainment. Many of the sidewalk sections had been tagged for repair and today was the day our street was getting tended to. We didn't have any pieces on our property but many of our neighbors did. We started watching from the girls room upstairs.

Then made our way down for a front row viewing. Here the worker is using a big blade to chop up the roots of this tree that had caused the sidewalk to buckle. Poor tree, I hope it doesn't harm it from getting it's roots shredded. Sure looks good now though.

They were all pretty excited about the cement mixer making it's way down the street. 

Speaking of cement, earlier in the week I got around to filling the cracks in our front steps. Wish the cement caulk was a little darker and blended in better, but hopefully over time it will get dirty and blend in. Better to look funky and sealed than to be letting water seep in and cause more damage.

Some other odds and ends tasks included: 
-Installed a keypad for the garage door
-Picked up some wire baskets to help organize our closet
-Installed a ceiling fan in Isaac's room
-Signed a contract with the stucco guys to get two windows repaired and the balcony joists assessed and flashed properly. They will cut open the stucco siding check the cantilevered joists, repair any damage if they find it (hopefully they don't which will reduce our overall cost!), patch up the stucco and install flashing to each beam. This will eliminate any further water damage that is apparent on the inside wall of the family room. They should hopefully be doing this around mid October. 
-Having the security system people come take a look at our existing system and get us set up

On top of all the house work, I've dropped Isaac from his old preschool, found him a new one, enrolled the girls in tumble tots for the fall (super excited!) and kept everyone alive and fed. Busy days these are, wouldn't trade it for the world though. 

Oh, and I planted this plant that I picked up at a plant sale in June. It went right in the hole that the for sale sign was staked in. 

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