Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Birthday Arboretum

Last Tuesday was my birthday and I decided to take the kids to see the big bugs at the Arboretum. My mom renewed our memebershil as a birthday present and it had been a while since we'd had time to go with the move. 

There were ten different bugs and we got to see them all. Here is the bee and hive:

There were three different ants. This was one. 

The damselfly:


Daddy long legs:

Praying mantis:

Assassin bug:


Spider and web:

And lastly the butterfly:

We had a picnic lunch before leaving. 

And sent daddy some selfies. 

It was a fun morning. The kids napped on the way home then we made a target run to get some things. 

We came home and I started on dinner. It was a spaghetti squash Pad Thai. It was phenomenal. Only bad thing was when I went to cut the limes I sliced my finger open instead. Had to pause dinner while I waited for Kyle to get home. Didn't lose much blood because I immediately put pressure on it to close it up. But I did get really light headed, nauseous, and felt like I was going to pass out. It's been a long week of finger care and modifying daily activities but today it is finally getting back to normal and I was able to use it in ways I haven't been able to for a week. 

Emma excited to watch the squash cook:

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