Monday, August 22, 2016

Children's Museum

We've been getting good use of our membership to the children's museum the past week. We went today and also last week. They are closing down the StPaul  location December - April so gotta go while we can. And Isaac really enjoyed the Thomas exhibit. 

So did the girls. This was today. 

The ant hill is closing on Wednesday and never coming back! :-( there are many exhibits closed for remodeling right now and most are coming back so it's a big deal the ant hill will be gone. 

This was last Thursday in the technology exhibit which was actually already closed today. It's kinda bare bones at the museum which is why we were able to get 16 months for the price of 12. But the kids still have fun. 

Thursday in the trains. 

The girls were pushing each other in this cart it was pretty cute. 

And last week we stopped in to get our CSA on the drive home. Here are the kids eating tomatoes like they're apples. 

We have since changed around the van seating. Mary is now officially turned forward facing and her seat is where isaacs was and Isaac is right behind me now. 

We picked up a chair on Sunday and I had to take all the car seats out to haul it home. The van was a mess and needed a major overhaul. It looks brand new again! 

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