Tuesday, April 5, 2016


I just realized I had this sitting in my draft box and I never got around to posting it... oops. A little late but here's our Easter Day post. 

Sunday morning we got up and the kids got to explore their baskets. They got sidewalk chalk, a human body book/puzzle, and new playdough rolly toys. Grandma Cindy sent some tin cans with candy and fun necklaces. Emma was a fan of the necklace and wore it to church.
Easter morning-1

Isaac's basket:
Easter morning-2

Mary's basket:
Easter morning-3

Emma's basket:
Easter morning-4

Checking out the flashy necklaces
Easter morning-5

Easter morning-6

Easter morning-8

Easter morning-10

Mouth full of chocolate
Easter morning-14

Easter morning-16

Easter morning-17

Easter morning-18

Easter morning-19

Easter morning-20

Easter morning-22

Easter morning-23

It was our weekend to volunteer so we had to coral the kids along so we could make it by 8:00. 

Got them all together for a quick picture at church before kiddos started to arrive.

After church we came home had lunch and everyone went down for naps. After nap we had an Easter egg hunt in our basement. It has rained the day before and it was still pretty wet out. It worked out in the basement and Isaac loved it. We ended up hiding them a few more times because he kept wanting to hunt. Once the candy was gone the girls lost interest.

Egg hunt video 1:

Egg hunt video 2:

This was that evening, having fun putting together the body puzzle. The girls are waving at him.

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