Friday, January 29, 2016

Saturday MN Zoo visit

Last weekend we made a trip down to the zoo. Our membership expires soon so we are trying to squeeze in some last visits. We plan to take a break from the zoo and explore our other memberships. 

I packed my selfie stick so I could get some family photos. Well Isaac of course didn't want to participate. 

Thought it was cool I got a photo of this monkey just chillin near the window.... Until I realized he was sitting there with his red rocket out.... Ewww. 

Emma loves the selfie stick. 

It's crazy that we have been there so many times yet we are still seeing new animals. This one was new to us, he was sleeping and I can't remember what he was. There are so many animals tucked here and there on the tropics trail. 

The red panda was pretty comfy snoozing away. 

We had packed a lunch and left after we ate. Kyle and I had some really good mason jar salads and the kids had PB and graham crackers and fruit. Makes it easy to bring our own food when there is no good food there haha. 

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