Friday, January 8, 2016


We got out in the cold on New Years Day for our first sledding adventure. The girls weren't into it at all but Isaac really was. We started at the little hill.
sledding jan1-3

sledding jan1-5

sledding jan1-6

But it wasn't going so well. The sled and the type of snow just weren't cooperating. Kyle and Isaac moved onto the bigger hill while the girls and I went over to the playground.
sledding jan1-7

sledding jan1-9

The girls really enjoyed swinging
sledding jan1-13 sledding jan1-15

Then today we went sledding again. It was one of Isaac's buddy's birthday and he wanted to go sledding to celebrate. His mama wasn't feeling too well but instead of canceling we let her stay home and rest and I picked him up at home. We went back to Dakota park since it's nearby. The kids had a blast. It was the PERFECT day for sledding, it was snowing fluffy flakes the whole time and we had a couple inches overnight so the snow as perfect for sledding. Mary even let me take her down a couple times. Emma was not having it but did enjoy eating snow.
sledding jan8-3

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