Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter Sunday

So Friday evening Mary had a bit of a fever, it passed. Then Saturday night Emma had a bit of a fever. Isaac still had his yucky cough so they were all just a mess. A friend was so thoughtful to invite us over for Easter lunch but due to the kids being ill we decided it best we not come over. And since there were all crummy we didn't really want to sit through church trying to wrangle three hacking kids, it was sad to miss Easter Sunday especially at our new church, but it was so not worth the headache of getting everyone out. I did listen to the sermon online last night and it was really good! You can find it here if you're interested: Genesis Covenant Easter Sunday Sermon

I wasn't gonna let our illness completely ruin Easter so the kids all got baskets that I sat out the night before.
easter morning-1

easter morning-2 easter morning-3 easter morning-4

easter morning-8

easter morning-14

The girls had goldfish in their eggs, and Mary had more fun shaking them then she did opening and eating them. Although she was quite happy when one would pop open. Emma never turns down food, she loves to eat!
easter morning-15

easter morning-16

easter morning-18 easter morning-21

The kids all got a little wooden music set to share. I actually recieved that as a free reward from Pampers from buying so many diapers (haha) and just decided to hold on to it for Easter morning.
easter morning-24

easter morning-26

Finally a pic of Isaac smiling and it's all blurry.
easter morning-25

We had a relaxing morning at home, well as relaxing as you can be with two little busy babies that get in to EVERYTHING! and a full of energy preschool boy running around that has been cooped up for weeks due to be sick. But we did try and relax :-) We let the girls get a good nap in bed then decided to head to the zoo to see the farm babies that were going to be there for the month of April. We had a great lunch at McDonald's, since there wasn't much else open. Then headed to the zoo for their last two hours before closing.

We rode the carousel

Fed a goat

and saw the baby piggies

Happy Easter!!

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