Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Quiet books

I finally (well almost one step left) finished the girls quiet books. I had made one for Isaac a while ago. Even though he is just now to the age to truly enjoy it, I'm glad I got them made. They were fun to make and I hope they enjoy them. Isaac really enjoys playing with all three books right now. 

After much pinterest stalking I found the themes I wanted to make. So figured I'd get my pages out on the Internet to inspire others like I was inspired. 

As you can tell I've gotten a little better. Isaac's is the bottom left book. The pages have become a little cleaner and better looking with the use of my Silhoette Cameo cutting machine. I was able to cut HTV (heat transfer vinyl) and iron it on instead of hand writing. I did use my machine to cut Isaac's name letters but have since gotten my machine to cut cleaner. 

The next set of pages are a dress up doll, Mr. Potato Head, & a cooking set up. The clothes for the dress up doll go in a zippered suitcase. The potato head pieces go in the barrel pocket. And the cooking page is quiet fun. There is a clear vinyl pocket for it all to store. The stove knob is a snap and spins around. The plate is sewn on but the silverware, napkin, & juice cup all snap on and off. 

This is just a simple coloring page with a notebook and slots for crayons. 

Here are the counting pages. Isaac's was a simple bead on string design. The numbers are felt. With the girls I used the HTV again for cleaner looking numbers. The cookies store in the 'jar' pocket and each cookie has a different number of chips to match up with the number on the sheet. The chips on the cookies are also made out of HTV. The cupcake tops snap into place and I hand sewed beads to correspond with the number on the base of the cupcake. 

Last is the shape and color page. Pretty simple. All shapes snap into place. My cutting machine came in handy again to cut these shapes. Isaac has a hard time taking the snaps on and off so I still have to help him with this. But he enjoys matching them and laying the corresponding shaped on top. 


Lesa Herrmann said...

Wow! Those are amazing! I have also stalked busy books on Pinterest, but lack the motivation to make one...

Daisy said...

I replied but the internet ate it...

Thanks!! When we thought the twins were b/g I drafted up a Noah's arc with animals page. It was cute too but would have been lots more work. I'm really happy with the cooking page. Isaac played with it a lot today.

Dory said...

This is fantastic! I have wanted to make these for the twins, but haven't had the time yet. What settings did you use to cut the felt on the Silhouette?

Daisy said...

For the felt I first iron on Pellon 805R (Wonder-Under) I found this to work much better than heat and bond. I even tried the sewable heat & bond but wasn't happy with it. Then for settings on the Silhouette the blade is at 10, speed is a 2, and the thickness is 33 with double cut selected. Some felt cuts better than others. I like to buy wool felt online, it seems to be better quality than that acrylic stuff you get from JoAnn's or Michael's.

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