Friday, December 5, 2014

Isaac's 3rd Birthday

Isaac turned 3 yesterday!
Isaac 3 years-2

Can't believe how fast he is growing! I love this shot because it is so Isaac. I didn't even stage it, he was just wanting to read <3 p="">Isaac 3 years-4

And with the 3rd birthday came Isaac's first birthday party. We did something really low key with a small group of local friends (neighbor friends he goes to ECFE with and a church friend he goes to Sunday school with). He chose the theme and the cake. We celebrated with a Daniel Tiger theme and a strawberry cake. Isaac and I made the strawberry cake the night before... we finish the cake and he asks "where are the strawberries?" I tried explaining to him the flavor was strawberry... but realized he was wanting actual strawberries. After forgetting to have Kyle pick them up with the other last minute grocery run Wednesday night, I had my friend grab some on her way to the party. So I was placing strawberries on the cake last minute in the car :-)

We rented a little play space that we have attended in the past.

And I decorated the food table and served a quick lunch.

The cake:

I couldn't find a Daniel Tiger cake at any bakery's because they don't have the copyright approval to use this cartoon character. So I improvised and made our own and added Isaac's figurines. The icing was a pain in the butt, but got it in place just a few hours before the party.

I made little crowns for the party guests:

Orange cups to look like tigers:

I had planned to place the trolley ON the cake, but when it arrived it was a little bigger than I had planned so just decided it'd be best used as table decoration


We had LOTS of food, but with four out of the five mothers nursing, we plowed right through the food :-) It was a fun time, Isaac had a blast running and playing hard. The girls had fun too, pivoting and scooting on the floor. Here are some party play pictures:
















It was a busy morning, but lots of fun! He got some really fun presents and played hard which was much needed with this early winter we are having. We came home, Isaac took a good nap then we had the evening portion of his birthday with a few more presents to open from family.

We got him a floor puzzle

Grandma Judy got him a playmobile set

and Grandpa Del got him a trampoline. He was already worn out after 2 minutes of jumping!

Isaac's old nanny even stopped by and had dinner with us and played with Isaac a little before bed. It was a busy busy day. We have some fun family time planned for this weekend to wrap up the birthday celebrations!

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Lesa Herrmann said...

Great party! I was excited to see what you put together when I saw you pinning Daniel Tiger stuff! That looks like an awesome space for a party too, may have to find out where that was! Happy Birthday Isaac!

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