Saturday, December 6, 2014

Science "dinosaur" Museum

Since we had Isaac's little party during the week we told him we could do something special as a family on Saturday for his birthday. He wanted to go to a dinosaur museum. We don't really have a decent natural history museum so that meant we'd be headed to the science museum. Kyle and I hadn't been in a few years so it was fun, and nice that kids 3 and under are free!! 

We started with the Dino's first wanted to make sure we saw what we came forincase  anyone started to meltdown.  There were some hands on dino things he enjoyed. 

The girls had a good time too and did great!! 

Pano view of the river for grandma judy

They all took naps in the car on the way home. Then we picked up take out for a late lunch. Love these kids! 

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