Thursday, October 17, 2013

Grandma's Visit (first weekend of October)

Sorry I'm a little late getting this posted. A couple weekends ago Grandma Judy came to visit. We had a great visit and it was so nice for my mom to see Isaac in this stage and how fun he is!

Friday, Grandma attended ECFE with us then we had lunch at the Midtown-Global Market. For dinner we finally made it to the Black Forest Inn, which is German. And what better time to go than Oktoberfest!

Isaac and his little cup of water (that ended up all over him shortly after this photo)

Saturday morning Isaac wanted to get his blocks out. It's so crazy how he remembers we used to do this. He enjoys smiling for the camera these days:
22 months!
22 months-2

22 months-1

Grandma and Isaac reading together. Isaac loves his books!
reading with grandma-5

reading with grandma-3

reading with grandma-2

Saturday during the day we went to a vehicle fair put on my our city. It was in the parking lot of where we attend ECFE. Isaac had a blast!
vehicle fair-21  vehicle fair-20

vehicle fair-19

Sitting in a garbage truck
vehicle fair-16

and an excavator
vehicle fair-14

vehicle fair-12

vehicle fair-11

vehicle fair-10

vehicle fair-6

vehicle fair-9

vehicle fair-4

vehicle fair-1

Unfortunately we had a lot of rain. We had hoped to go to a pumpkin patch on Sunday but it was pretty drizzly all day. We went to church and mom helped me out in the Waddler room (18-24 month olds) then did a little running around. Mom's last full day was Monday and finally it was getting nice out. We went to a local wild flower garden. Although this time a year there weren't many wild flowers blooming.
wildflower garden-8

wildflower garden-9

wildflower garden-13

wildflower garden-14

wildflower garden-16

wildflower garden-18

We went for a walk along the Stone Arch Bridge near St. Anthony Falls.
stone arch bridge-2

stone arch bridge-3

stone arch bridge-4

And then we had lunch outside along the river watching the work trucks on the other side.


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