Thursday, October 24, 2013

Almost 23 months

I keep thinking to myself "I need to write some of these cute things down because he's gonna change so fast". Well that was probably a month ago and now I forgot what that was. So I will try and rack my brain for his latest and greatest.

Sunday we discovered he knows 11!! letters! A B O K M S D F Q R T  he either called them by name or sound. I had a shirt on and was changing him Monday and he pointed to the O and said "ooooo!" Too cute. And since writing this, he knows E, C, Z... and maybe a few others. Crazy how fast he picks up on things. 

He's not big into TV but does like the Choo Choo Bob show. He says "ChooChoo (sounds like a train).... Bob!"

Some of his translated words:
Goo gar= police car
Eeeh dat=what's that?
Our gar=our car (ie: we can touch our car but not others)

Is always singing "Trot old joe" 

From his Halloween books he mimics and says: 
Urg for monster
Boo for ghost
Ah ah ah for vampire
Eeeh heeheehee for witch 

Favorite color blue, second would be yellow. 

And a post isn't complete without pictures! Here he was 'hiding' behind the sheer curtain. It was so funny seeing his expression as we said "Where's Isaac? Where could he be"


Then he was saying "Boo!!"




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