Sunday, October 27, 2013

Brass Concert at SPCO & Harpo's Birthday

Yesterday (October 26, 2013) we attended a Target sponsored kid concert at the St Paul Chamber Orchestra. It was focused on the brass family. We went ahead of time for the activities that were taking place 45 minutes before the 30 minute concert.

Isaac is really into instruments and has been for a while, so I was excited to get these tickets and seeing him get to see instruments played live. In the activities he got to make a spoon puppet (a turtle and a rabbit to signify allegro and legro) he just made the turtle. He also got to color, read books, and make his own 'french horn' out of tubing and a plastic funnel. They had a bags game he played with for a bit:
brass concert-1

brass concert-2

And they also had instruments set up for children to touch, explore, and try to play. Isaac loved this. These pictures are taken from the second and third time back to this station. We didn't get photos the first time but he was pretty enthralled and even stuck his face in the horn it was so cute.
brass concert-3

brass concert-5

IMG_3926 IMG_3927

I don't have pictures inside the concert as no photography or recording was allowed.

When we came home we celebrated Harpo turning SEVEN! Had to get the ol' trusty hat out. Although my numbers stopped at 7, I made the rest of the numbers during Isaac's nap. So we should be good to go for a while.
Harpo bday-1

Harpo bday-5

Harpo bday-7

Today (Sunday) we did some winterizing, raked and put some of the lawn stuff away. Here are some fun pictures of Isaac playing in the leaves.
monster hat leaves-5

monster hat leaves-7

monster hat leaves-8

monster hat leaves-10

monster hat leaves-17

And it also served as a little photo shoot for my friend Bonnie that made the hat:
purple tulip crochet monster hat small watermarked-1

purple tulip crochet monster hat small watermarked-2

purple tulip crochet monster hat small watermarked-3

purple tulip crochet monster hat small watermarked-4

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