Monday, December 12, 2011

Moving into week two

Yesterday and today we just laid low around the house. Isaac has been up a little more during the day and eating what seems like ALL the time. We're wondering if it's a growth spurt he's hitting.

They only did foot prints in the hospital and I had been wanting to do our own handprints so we did that today. He wasn't really happy about that :-P

We also got the rest of our Christmas lights together. Put the little tree lights out in the yard and assembled the penguins we got two years ago on clearance. I was hoping to wait til after the snow to put our ground decorations out... but by the looks of things that might not even happen in time for Christmas. We have had te weirdest warmest weather lately. It is very unusual for it to be Dec 12th and not have much snow on the ground.

Here he is relaxin' yesterday morning:
1 week old sleeping

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