Saturday, December 24, 2011

First Church Service

Tonight we went to our church's 4:00 Christmas Eve service. Isaac was an angel. We were wondering how it's go so we sat in the back with all the other infant and toddler families and close access to the crying room with the feeding corner.

We left home about 2:45 because we wanted to run by Menards since they were having 50% off Christmas sale and we wanted to get a stocking for Isaac. It didn't take us as long as we thought because we were at church by 3:30. I knew since we had left early that as soon as Isaac woke up he'd be hungry and sure enough as soon as the music was finished and Dave started speaking Isaac was ready for dinner :-P but he didn't scream and cry. We just gracefully walked to the feeding corner in the cry room, fed him, then came back out to our seats. He loved looking around, he had a facial expression of: "wow, where are we?"

Then after the service we loaded up, picked up some take out Thai food, and came home. Pretty uneventful, but so very eventful all at the same time! ;-)

ETA: I almost forgot! Isaac was ripping some major baby farts during service! It was so funny hearing toots during church. He had both Kyle and I cracking up!

Here he is at the start of the service snoozing in his car seat.

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