Saturday, December 10, 2011

6 days old

I woke up this morning remembering one week ago. A week ago I watched the sun begin to light the sky from our labor & delivery room, wondering if this baby was ever going to come. I remember losing a little hope seeing the sun come up and my body hadn't made any progress since we had checked in to the hospital 5 hours earlier. It was a weird feeling I had this morning. One week ago was an amazing event, an event I hope to never forget.

Today it feels like that was so long ago. I'm happy because we have a beautiful baby boy in our arms but also sadden a little that he's already a week old, he's no longer in my belly (it took a few days to not think those little muscle twitches were him moving around), and that our lives are forever changed. Hormones are still running amuck with me. Kyle has been doing great, super dad in a way. Taking care of the house, spending good time with Isaac as I rest or soak my bottom in the tub as instructed by my midwife. Today he kinda hit a wall so we're hoping a good nights rest will help with his spirits. I think this is why they say the "first two weeks are always the hardest". We were starting to wonder because it had been so good... But I'm starting to see lack of sleep, baby newness ohhhh and ahhhh wearing off and just plan wear down ourselves. We pray for strength, rest, and patience.

We hit a few milestones today:

*first outing (well second if you count the pediatrician visit) to target. I had to run to the pharmacy then we needed a few things so we ran into Target. Left Isaac in his carseat and just put him in a cart. He did great as long as we were moving. Boy it was a mad house there!!

*Isaac's umbilical cord fell off, well most of it. It looks like there is still some goop in his belly button. It was hanging on by a tiny thread most of the day then when I changed him tonight it had fallen off.

*we have moved on to size 1 diapers. Used the last newborn diaper today, they were getting a little snug so we ran out just in time. Tomorrow I plan to do cloth again so Isaac can support our team in his chiefs diaper cover :-D

*And I caught him sucking his thumb as we headed up to bed for the night. :-)

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